Scrumgirl is the Maine-based Indie Music duo made up of Linda Hildonen and Dan Bridgman.


We rarely look this good.

Dan and Linda met in 2005 while working at McDonald’s in Dan’s hometown of Yarmouth. Dan was only 16 years old, and Linda was his supervisor. They passed much of the time singing together, especially Billy Joel’s “For the Longest Time.”

The two stayed in touch after they both left the job, and many years later, began to date. In 2013, they had a beautiful son, Ezra Frederick Bridgman, and in 2015, they were married on a beach in St. Lucia.

Dan, Linda, Ezra and their geriatric dog, Max, all live together in a house in Auburn, Maine. During the day, Linda works in marketing, Dan works as a teacher, Ezra works as a toddler and Max works to make sure the house is nice and pungent. Good boy, Max!


Ezra, before he learned how to destroy things.

Scrumgirl’s talents are diverse: Dan has a great sense of tune and tempo, and can learn an instrument so quickly that you’d be downright annoyed. Linda is a lifelong writer who has a way with lyrics, and often writes songs by accident. Then Dan has to help her figure out how to actually play them. You get the picture.

After putting Ezra to bed, Dan and Linda look to the sky to see if the Scrumgirl signal has been cast onto the clouds overhead. When and if it is, they work on recording original music and covers tirelessly, all to keep Gotham safe for citizens like you. Also, they really like making music together.


Taking a break from the hard work of smelling bad and being old.

And that, children, is the story of why Dan and Linda’s house is always so dirty.

…wait. What were you asking?


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